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Our AllWorks is a balanced lens design perfect for most patients. Available in standard, Camber, and Endless options. For the wearer that needs something more specialized, LensWorks has you covered. Our digital designs can target specific needs such as wider near or intermediate zones. Sport lenses for high wrap frames. Specialty designs for computer, anti-fatigue, and driving. Even double segments for pilots, and those needing an add power in an upward gaze. Call us today to find the solution you’ve been looking for.

LensWorks Optical Lab provides 5 unique in-house brands. These brands include Allworks, Easyworks, Bookworks, Farworks, and Singleworks.

Allworks Progressive Design Series

AllWorks is a high end all-purpose progressive lens specifically tailored for the demanding customer. Developed to be effective at any distance, the AllWorks lens represents the most accurate combination of quality and comfort. The power distribution offers not only tremendous clarity at all distances, it provides generous visual fields allowing the wearer to gaze in any direction. Every lens is individually produced so if your clients want a comfortable/personalized lens with excellent vision at any distance, the AllWorks lens may just be the right choice.

Bookworks Occupational Design

LensWorks Optical Lab is now pleased to offer BookWorks, the occupational lens made exclusively for both intermediate and near vision. BookWorks is the best occupational lens on the market because its unique design effectively overcomes the limitations of traditional reading and progressive lenses. Available in a variety of clear vision depths, BookWorks is ideal for office workers, cooks, artists, and other occupations that require superior near and intermediate vision.

Easyworks Progressive Design Series

EasyWorks from LensWorks Optical Lab is a daily general use progressive lens with generous visual areas for comfortable viewing at any distance. Produced with the latest digital surfacing technology that assures clear vision, EasyWorks lenses have large, balanced visual areas while its power transition provides a corridor which allows the eye to move naturally. Because the progressive surface is on the back of the lens, rather than the front, EasyWorks lenses do not require any special parameter measurements. If you have clients that demand a large visual field at any distance, EasyWorks could be the solution.

Farworks Progressive Design Series

Have you heard about FarWorks from LensWorks Optical Lab? It’s a new personalized progressive lens with panoramic clarity in the distance zone. Ideal for outdoor activities, FarWorks is designed specifically for wearers who require uncompromising distance vision. Using the latest digital Ray-Path technology, each lens is individually produced for easy adaptation and visual comfort. Let your patients see what they have been missing by prescribing FarWorks lenses from LensWorks Optical.

Singleworks Personalized Design

SingleWorks is a new concept on “no limits” vision. It uses cutting-edge digital Ray-Path technology to maximize visual performance and provides clear vision in any gaze direction. SingleWorks is ideal for high plus and minus lenses, is adaptable to any frame including sunglasses and curved frames, and because it is totally customized to the wearer’s unique requirements, SingleWorks is a combination of vision and comfort you just won’t find anywhere else.

LensWorks Optical Lab also supplies the following eyewear products through our wholesale lab:

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