Your Full-Service Independent Optical Lab with the Quality and Service You Deserve.

Every order taken and delivered to the LensWorks Lab comes to us with the tacit trust of both doctor and patient. Every day, we uphold that trust by dedicating and maintaining new machinery and new technology to every patient’s continued health.

  • Digital Progressive and Single Vision Lens Surfacing

    Whether you are a doctor or patient, we are your partner in sight, and it’s our job to uncover fresh ideas to make your lab relationship effortless and productive.

  • Premium Anti-Reflection Coatings

    Anti-reflection coatings can improve your vision and reduce eye strain. Furthermore, anti-reflective coatings reduce the amount of glare that reflects off your lenses. Eliminate reflections from the front and back of your lenses now.

  • Dependable Safety Lenses and Frames

    Our safety frames are stronger than street-wear frames and are heat-resistant. At LensWorks, we hold ourselves accountable. We pledge to approach everything we do with premium service and personal attention.

  • Rely On Us To Finish and Uncut Lenses

    Our team at LensWorks Optical Lab can cut the lenses of your prescription according to the chosen framework. Perfection can be yours with our established optical personnel.

Shipping Eyeglass Lenses Across the USA

From A to Z, all our optical lab work passes through a rigorous series of quality checks. With over 100 years of combined lab experience, we learned how to do things the right way a long time ago. After due consideration and planning, we don’t compromise on anything and nothing will affect the quality and efficiency of the work we do for you.

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It’s easy to get in touch with us if you require our optical services.

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Our optical team primarily services MN and WI local optical shops and doctor offices. Additionally, we are happy to ship our work all across the United States.